Among some of the main benefits we can highlight regarding our HSM Cloud Solutions are:

Support from some of the top technical specialists in the implementation and integration of HSM Solutions.

CEGA Security has been implementing and integrating HSM solutions for more than 6 years. During this time, we have delivered and implemented 50+ Hardware Security Modules throughout Mexico and Latin America.

Our multidisciplinary team of specialists are highly trained in areas such as development, software, cryptography, information security and infrastructure, which are focused on the implementation and integration of both physical and cloud HSM integrations. We offer each and every one of our clients a comprehensive service, helping to solve any inconvenience that may arise related with their device until achieving a successful deployment in CEGA Security´s HSM Cloud.

It has been validated in accordance with FIPs 140-2 Level 3

The processing infrastructure of the HSM Cloud by CEGA Security is validated with the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certification. In this way, we guarantee that our equipment complies with the highest quality and security standards, offering maximum protection, integrity and non-repudiation of your applications.

Customized Plans of Use

We can provide a variety of options based on your company needs.  The CEGA Security HSM Cloud Solution Plans are designed in accordance to your current transactional needs, with the option of scalability in the future if required.  We also offer special plans to integrate your DRP.

Scale your transactions On Demand

At CEGA Security we understand that every company is unique and that each project has different needs, which is why we created the our HSM Cloud Solution available in different plans that are adaptable to your business, or as we call it, Tailored to your needs!

What does that mean? It means that your service has no limit! Regardless of the plan you choose to carry out your operations, in the event that the amount of transactions in your plan is exceeded, the service will automatically escalate and provide you with the transactionality you require without having to purchase an extra package, and only paying the exceeding transactions during your peak transaction period.

You will not have to worry whether or not your HSM will be able to support the load of new clients, prospects or opportunities. With the HSM Cloud by CEGA Security we guarantee high levels of performance without your application being interrupted, and automatically scaling the service if required.

It can be migrated from a physical HSM

It is possible to migrate from your physical HSM device to our HSM Cloud Solution. Depending on the brand of your Hardware Security Module, will be the ease or complexity that the migration will depend on. However, our team of HSM implementation experts will assist you throughout the key generation, CSR, and documentation required until the migration is completed successfully. This service does not generate an additional cost, and the CEGA Security Team will help you check all the necessary points to eliminate any type of risk during the migration to the cloud.

Support in English and Spanish

With the HSM Cloud solution by CEGA Security, we provide our executive clients our utmost dedicated support – in English and Spanish! – The ease of calling and speaking to an engineer who, in addition to knowing the specific implementation, speaks the same language, gives our customers a feeling of well-being and confidence. Our help desk provides support 24/7 by engineers with experience in HSM technology and knowledge of implementation. Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Hosted in Data Centers with the Highest Security Standards

Our HSM Cloud Solution equipment is hosted and protected in data centers with ICREA 4 and ICREA 5 Certifications in Mexico.

These data centers have all the necessary measures to prevent connectivity problems and cover all the requirements requested by the authorities like SAT (Secretaria de Administración Tributaria) such as: air conditioning and electricity redundancy, fire control, among others.

Auditable Infrastructure

One of the greatest advantages offered by the HSM Cloud Solution by CEGA Security, is that the infrastructure can be audited in any of the data centers where our devices are stored. If an audit were to be required, a CEGA Security representative will accompany you or your employee during the visit.

Next generation devices

The HSM Cloud by CEGA Security uses Hardware Security Modules with the highest technological quality and innovation, with which we ensure your sensitive data is always protected.

Low implementation time

With extensive experience in implementing Hardware Security Modules in Mexico and Latin America, at CEGA Security we combine our cutting edge technology with expertise to integrate your service to our HSM Cloud Solution in the least amount of time as possible. We provide all the tools, source code, and proof of concept to get your service in to production as soon as possible.

We have infrastructure with immediate availability for projects that require very short implementation times.

Elimination of maintenance cost

Change the focus of your infrastructure because it will no longer be necessary to keep your device!

When you purchase any of our HSM Cloud Plans, the updates, administration, maintenance, and support ARE ON US! This way we can guarantee the functionality and performance of the equipment and provide you with a turnkey technological solution so that you can focus 100% on your business.

Service delivery in days not weeks!

If you are ready to implement, can schedule your integration demo right away! Contact us now and learn more about how to implement HSM Cloud by CEGA Security in your IT Security Infrastructure.
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